Zariel is an Archdevil in service to Asmodeus in the realm of Avernus in the Nine Hells of Bator. She was once the chief Archangel in the armies of Pelor before betraying him during the Calamity.

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Zariel's appearance as an Archdevil remains currently unknown as she has not been seen in this capacity.

Her appearance prior to her fall was that of a red haired and golden eyed angel with pale skin and blazing, firey wings. She wore golden armour not unlike that of Pelor himself and carried a sword and was capable of summoning javelins of radiant energy. Despite the sword at her side, her main weapon of choice was the sentient war pick, Penance.

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Zariel is proud and wrathful, seen in both her angelic and fiendish forms. This pride originally led to her thinking she could not be defeated before the Lord of Hunger defeated her forces in the field. Zariel then became vengeful, using whatever means necessary to grow in power and defeat her foes. She hates Demons most of all, which led to her deal with Asmodeus and betrayal of Pelor. Her one track mind and eye for an eye mentalities often alienated her from those around her as an angel, which made her an excellent soldier but also spiteful and lonely. As an Archdevil, these traits serve her well to stop potential usurpers and to combat the abyssal hordes in the everlasting Blood War.

Zariel's alignment is Lawful Evil, though before her fall it was Lawful Good.

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Pre-Campaign History Edit

Zariel was one of the first angels created by the Prime Deities, being initially created by Pelor. In the wars with the Primordial Titans, Zariel proved herself an excellent warrior and general, eventually being chosen to lead all Pelor's forces in battle.

During the Age of Arcanum, Zariel had the war pick Penance forged to become her new weapon of choice. The weapon was forged by one of Zariel's mortal loves, and when he died, Zariel bonded his soul to the weapon, granting it sentience.

During the Calamity, Zariel again led the armies of Pelor into battle, losing friends and lovers to the hordes of demons released from the Endless Abyss, causing her to develop a deep hatred for the creatures. Yet through her power she developed a deep pride, remaining undefeated in the field. In the later years of the Calamity, Pelor selected Zariel to lead an army to destroy the powerful mortal mage, the Lord of Hunger. Zariel led her forces against the mage, but due to his nature as a tear in the weave, she found herself near powerless and her forces were defeated in their first major engagement.

Her pride deeply wounded, Zariel was unable to face Pelor with news of her failure. Instead, she sought out other ways that she could defeat her hated foe. This path led her to Asmodeus, who offered her a truce and to bolster her weakened forces with devils if she then took over the leadership of his own forces in the realm of Avernus to fight the demons that were constantly invading from the Endless Abyss. Zariel agreed and together they overthrew the forces of the Lord of Hunger, driving him into stasis. Zariel wished to stay until her enemy was slain but Asmodeus reminded her that her deal was complete, that the Lord of Hunger was defeated and that she now needed to hold up her end of the bargain.

With that, Zariel fell from her angelic grace, becoming an Archdevil in Avernus where she has remained since the Calamity, warring with the devils of the Abyss.

Grey Frontier Edit

Zariel's defeat of the Lord of Hunger was witnessed by the Sterling Rams through Vulwin Zylric casting Zylric's Recollections on Penance. While they witnessed the event, and her deal's fulfillment by Asmodeus, Zariel appeared to spot the group, recognising her own bloodline in Echthra, who was wielding Penance. Knowing that she was not destined to destroy the Lord of Hunger, Zariel ordered her followers to seal the chamber he had contained himself in and stripped Penance of its parts, telling the weapon to seek out one from her bloodline that would be destined to destroy the Lord of Hunger in her place.

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