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  • ~1500 years before the campaign events. The Age of Arcanum begins as an alliance between the Betrayer Gods and Prime Deities defeat the Primordial Titans, in the aftermath of the battle Tharizdun begins to succumb to madness. Tharizdun allies with the other Betrayer Gods and they form Ghor Dranas and declare war upon the Prime Deities.
  • ~1000 years before the campaign events. The Calamity begins as the Betrayer Gods go to war with the Prime Deities and their followers. The world's population is culled to a third of its original number and Vasselheim becomes the last bastion for mortal kind to remain unconquered.
  • ~900 years before the campaign events. The battle of Ghor Dranas occurs. Tharizdun fights Ioun and mortally wounds her with S'gail a wound from which she still recovers. Nevertheless, Ghor Dranas is overthrown and Tharizdun flees to the Gatshadow.
  • 822 years before the campaign events. Zehir and Lolth make a deal with the Prime Deities, seeing that Tharizdun's madness will destroy them all. They poison Tharizdun together as the Prime Deities assault the Gatshadow. Tharizdun is overthrown and chained by Pelor, Melora and Erathis. The Prime Deities, along with Zehir and Lolth, enact a ritual to chain Tharizdun together beneath the Gatshadow. The Prime Deities then form the Divine Gate, separating them and the Betrayer Gods from the Material Plane to stop a second Calamity.

Post-Divergence Edit

815 P.D.

816 P.D.

  • Portia creates The Nuckelavee, though it takes several years to grow fully.
  • Tarrell secures the Mantle of the Raven Queen but is killed by Vax'ildan in the Shadowfell.
  • Din writes The Count of Barovia, her personal account of the adventures in Barovia.

817 P.D.

819 P.D.

820 P.D.

  • Riza releases The Nuckelavee, killing the crops and strangling the Tal'Dorei military at Fort Daxio, in response the Claret Order of Tal'Dorei sends Ariawyn to hunt the monster.
  • The Songsteel twins leave Kymal.
  • Argos sets out on a quest for knowledge of the Shadowfell, beginning in Emon at the Alabaster Lyceum.
  • Din battles Riza at Whispercreek Estate, Riza kills her using S'gail after a drawn out battle.

822 P.D.

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822 P.D. Edit




823 P.D. Edit


  • 1st - New Dawn, In the early hours of the new year, Hindsight are brought before Riza at Whispercreek Estate. She kills Theodore Balmhand and attempts to recruit Hindsight, continuous resistance from Lindal and Ariawyn cause Riza to lose her patience and behead Lydia Starguard. Ariawyn's continued defiance leads to Riza burning out her tongue with molten silver. Hindsight agree to work for the Council of Echoes. Bishop severs Williner's right arm with the Fang of Zehir. Riza teleports Hindsight to the fields outside Emon as the sun rises. The Songsteel twins recieve word of Lydia's death via a message spell. Lindal prepares to leave and potentially take his own life, but encounters Sehanine and does not, instead starting down the path of becoming a Paladin. Argos and Jacques find Hindsight again. As they prepare to sleep, Williner collapses from the poison of the Fang of Zehir.
  • 2nd - Hindsight contact Riza searching for supplies to cure Williner, after some convincing she agrees to have Sisava bring them the rarer herbs needed. Roland Songsteel becomes Lord of House Starguard. Ariawyn encounters Bahamut. Williner briefly communes with Sarenrae and she repairs the crystal in the Sunsword.
  • 3rd - Night of the Blood Moon, Hindsight get word that a Clasp warehouse has what they need to cure Williner, upon breaking in they find Ember, stealing to help feed and care for people living in the city slums, she agrees to help. Jacques decides to start his pack's killing spree at the docks, believing Ariawyn won't be able to resist joining the hunt once she sees the bloodshed. Ariawyn ends his spree and becomes the new alpha by tearing off his lower jaw.
  • 4th - Sisava arrives and gives Hindsight the herbs they need. He taunts Roland about Lydia and gives Hindsight their target, the Scale of Bahamut in the Metallic Dragon Enclave.
  • 6th - Bishop takes a couple of days to create Williner's antidote before curing him. Hindsight leave Emon on a skyship bound for the enclave. Roland and Rosalind leave Emon for Kymal.
  • 14th - Bishop finishes Sybil's Regards and creates a metal arm for Williner.
  • 18th - Roland and Rosalind arrive in Kymal and begin working against Sisava.
  • 21st - Kulos successfully steals a branch of Pelor's Sun Tree from Whitestone, leaving only the Scale of Bahamut needed by the Council, Harvan Dain arrives at the Briarwood estate in Wildemount but is ambushed and killed by Sylas Briarwood.
  • 25th - Hindsight battle against a flock of Wyverns while passing through the Cloudreach Pass.
  • 28th - The Songsteel twins drive Sisava out of Kymal and take ownership of the "Dragon's Hoard" casino, renaming it the "Avandra's Luck Casino".
  • 29th - Morxes receives a vision from Sarenrae and leaves for the Gatshadow.


Post Council of Echoes Edit

823 P.D. Edit

824 P.D. Edit

825 P.D. Edit

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  • Songsteel Trading Company begin planning the Grey Valley Project
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