The Claret Orders is an underground organization of blood clerics and blood hunters, whose primary mission is to protect the living from the threats of the undead and any extraplanar threats. The Orders formed in Wildemount and have only recently spread to Tal’Dorei. Following the Echoes Crisis, the Claret Orders took on the protection and curing of the mongrelfolk.

Goals Edit

Protect the mortal peoples of Exandria from threats of undead and the incursions of extraplanar foes.

Relationships Edit

Due to the mutations and dark nature of their powers, the people of Tal’Dorei greatly mistrust the Claret Orders even as they stay thankful for the work they do.

Strongholds Edit

While Blood Hunters wander during their work, they train and spend time with their order at an old fortress named Mithral Hold on the Eastern coastline of Tal’Dorei. 

Members Edit

  • Ariawyn Vennan - A Wood Elf Lycan Blood Hunter and member of Hindsight who lives in solitude in the southern part of the Bramblewood near the Gatshadow volcano.
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