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Izumi is an Adult Silver Dragon who stands as a major leader in The Platinum Enclave. She earned the title "Argent Saviour" for her actions in the Siege of Oblivion. She is in a relationship with Argos. She later led the arrest of Marziros, saving the Sterling Rams from his wrath.



Izumi's true form is that of an adult silver dragon measuring 25 feet in length, with wide wings and an overall slender frame. For an adult dragon she is small, being far more slender and sleek than others of her kind. Her left eye bears deep claw marks and is blinded from a battle with Alrion.

Outside of her draconic form Izumi often takes the form of a female moon elf with white hair and silver eyes. She stands at 5'6" in this form and retains her slender frame and scarred face.


Izumi is a brave and outspoken dragon. She is critical of the isolationist views held by the inhabitants of The Platinum Enclave and often speaks out against them. During the Echoes Crisis she acted quickly and decisively, bringing a large force of dragons to aid in the battle against the Council of Echoes. Much like the rest of her kind she is shown to be lawful and a paragon of good, though Izumi shows a willingness to bend rules if the situation calls for it, such as helping Hindsight steal the Scale of Bahamut to aid their overall mission. She also cares deeply for those close to her, becoming protective over Argos when he was threatened by Riza Whispercreek aboard a Skyship. She is shown to be a dedicated and caring partner to Argos, gently trying to nudge the sorcerer into doing more good in the world.



Izumi grew up in The Platinum Enclave and became a fiercely loyal follower of Bahamut. However, like most Silver Dragons she was overcome with a sense of curiosity and she left the Enclave and headed south. There she met and formed a romantic attachment to Argos, a young half-elven sorcerer. Together they had many adventures, with Izumi concealing her draconic nature from her lover, posing as an elven seamstress instead. One such adventure led the pair into the Shadowfell, where Argos' sorcery became far more potent and he also gained the service of the Shadow Hound Vulcan. Following this adventure, Izumi returned to the Enclave while Argos searched for more information about his powers. Upon her return, Izumi found herself the target of unwelcome romantic advances by a far older Copper Dragon named Marziros.

Council of Echoes

Izumi first encountered the heroes of Hindsight when they arrived to the Enclave, having travelled north on a skyship from Izumi's seamstress shop in Emon. She was forced to reveal her draconic nature to a stunned Argos and agreed that she would bring Hindsight to her home in the dragon controlled part of the Enclave. However, she had to first get them past Marziros, who was responsible for allowing passage. Eventually he allowed them through after Izumi faked being attracted to him, though he could easily see her strong feelings for Argos as well. This caused him to directly threaten the sorcerer and keep a closer eye on Hindsight through jealousy and distrust.

At her home, Izumi heard Hindsight recount their tale and their reasons for wanting to steal the Scale of Bahamut. After being convinced by Ariawyn Vennan that they truly had been chosen by Bahamut, Izumi agreed to help, allowing Argos, Lindal Greenbottle and Pseuda a chance to visit the temple of Bahamut where the Scale was kept. Once Pseuda successfully stole the Scale, Izumi picked him up from beneath the temple, though they were pursued by an enraged Marziros. Once through the Enclave's protective barrier however, the Copper Dragon was attacked by Alrion and his Chromatic Dragons, allowing Izumi and Hindsight to escape.

When the Scale of Bahamut was stolen by the Council of Echoes, Izumi attempted to protect Argos, though when Riza Whispercreek destroyed their Skyship, Izumi was able to grab Belin and Elana and keep them safe from the fall. Trapped in the mountains, Hindsight found shelter in a cave and Izumi then drew a teleportation circle to return them to Syngorn to warn their allies that the Council of Echoes had gathered all the necessary parts to free Tharizdun.

Izumi then returned to The Platinum Enclave, having been shown that their isolation was not a strength as they had once thought. There she gathered a force of dragons together and they flew south to aid against the Council of Echoes. Izumi offered their aid in the Siege of Oblivion, drawing much of Tharizdun's force to the north of the city to face her dragons.

During the battle, Izumi slew a red dragon and fought with Alrion himself, with the older dragon eventually blinding her left eye by clawing her face. She managed to escape him however and was reunited with Hindsight after the battle.

Post Echoes Crisis

Izumi was given the title Argent Saviour for her actions in Emon and began to work to undo the isolationist views of her fellow metallic dragons. She was aided in this task by Argos who was now serving The Platinum Enclave as a penance for stealing the Scale of Bahamut.

She eventually began to realise the need for those faithful to Bahamut to need a way of reaching the Enclave and through arrangement with the Songsteel Trading Company, she and The Platinum Enclave began to help with the Grey Valley Project.

However, all was not well, as scouts meant to find the location of a path northwards to the Enclave never reported back to the Songsteel Trading Company and something powerful began to draw all dragonkin to it in the Grey Valley. Izumi and Lydia Starguard agreed that they should immediately send their most skilled scout to find the path as soon as possible, a kobold named Karr.

Grey Frontier

Izumi was encountered by the Sterling Rams when they uncovered that the dark power dwelling in the north of the Grey Valley was in fact a wounded and crazed Marziros. By contacting Zinnia Starguard, the Sterling Rams carried the news of Marziros to Izumi and Argos. Argos then teleported the two to where the message had come from and on a nearby mountainside they found Marziros battling the Sterling Rams. Izumi then subdued Marziros and forced him to take on his humanoid form before arresting him for trial at The Platinum Enclave.

She then conversed with Karr about the kobold's defiance of dragons and Izumi told her that she regarded the fact that Kobolds were turning from dragons and beginning to question and defy them as a good thing. Izumi then entrusted Karr with the task of finding the drakes and kobolds that had broken Marziros' hold and fled into the mountains and showing them a better way.

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