Felix Bishop-Songsteel, formerly known as Nathair Meyer, is a protector aasimaar gunslinger. He served as a member of Hindsight during the Echoes Crisis and prior to this, served as a family retainer to the Songsteel noble family of Kymal. Before all of that, he was raised and spent his early life with the Yuan'ti cults of the Rifenmist peninsula before fleeing northwards.

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When first encountered in the campaign, Bishop appeared as a 6'1'' tall human man in his late sixties, with guant, pale skin and grey hair and eyes. He wore dark suits, often with elements of dark Songsteel blue to them. He also possessed a dark green waistcoat that he wore with a black suit. In terms of travelling clothing, Bishop wore a long duster coat over his suits and a flat cap.

Over the course of the campaign, as Bishop utilised his powers more often and built his ties to Erathis, he regained a more youthful appearance. His eyes became a deep blue colour and his hair went from grey to a dark black with salt and pepper elements to it.

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