Curse of Strahd (815 P.D.) Edit

War for Barovia Edit

  • Skirmish in the Death House
  • Battle at the Old Bonegrinder
  • Ambush at Ravenloft Gate
  • Night of Fangs
  • Battle at the Wizard of the Wines
  • Skirmish at Yester Hill
  • Duel at the Golden Towers
  • Mission to the Amber Temple
  • Battle with Baba Lysaga
  • Battle in the Krezk Monastery
  • The Wedding at Ravenloft

Rise of the Council of Echoes (815-822 P.D.) Edit

  • Barovian Rebellion
    • Fall of Vallaki
    • Duel in Ravenloft
  • Mission to Xhorhas
  • Korg's Mak'Gorah
  • Theft of the Mantle
  • Fall of the Dawndaughter

Council of Echoes (822-823 P.D.) Edit

  • Echoes Crisis
    • Skirmish on the Westruun Road
    • Civilisation's Dawn Attack
    • Skirmish at Gladberry Farm
    • Ravager Ambush
    • Fall of the Orphan Makers
    • Assault on Emon Orphanage
    • Battle with the Nuckleavee
    • Ambush at Orme Castle
    • Blood Moon Hunt
    • Journey through Cloudreach Pass
    • Theft of Bahamut's Scale
    • Mission to Tharizdun's Prison
    • Attack on Whispercreek Estate
    • Battle in the Gatshadow
    • Siege of Oblivion

Grey Frontier (843-844 P.D.) Edit

  • Removal of the Yana Haunting
  • Drake Ambush on the Carran Road
  • Raid on Carran
  • Slaughter in the Carran Mines
  • Journey to the Hags' Lair
  • Culling of the Coven
  • Journey to the Maw
  • Mission in the Maw
  • Return to Yana
  • The War of Defiance
    • The Six
    • Fiendish Assassination
    • Acora's Hunt
    • Battle of Yana
    • Assault on the Defiant Fortress
    • Cleansing the Forest
  • Skirmish with the Scorned
  • The Day of Dragons
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